way too much fun!

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From the second Brittany and Kristen walked in the door I don't think we ever stopped talking; about: houses, dogs, antiques, cooking!
It was the most wonderful weekend!
I really can't express how much fun we had! Dan and I were so sad to see them drive off on Monday.

I first want to make clear (as I just inferred it in the previous post), that all of the people who kindly drive the shelter dogs from the Shelby Humane Society to shelters in the North are volunteers. They do not get paid to take time off from work, and give up their weekends and holidays. Brittany, Kristen and Brooke (Brittany's sister who was on the first two rescue runs) even go so far as to raise the funds needed to pay for their entire trip, so that the Humane Society does not have to. (click "One Dog at a Time" logo at the bottom of this page for more information!)

It was a 22-hour drive from the Shelby Humane Society to their first drop, the New Hampshire Humane Society in Laconia. Since they have a van full of rescue dogs on the drive up they drive straight through, only stopping for gas and breaks for the dogs.
Here Brittany (left) and Kristen are handing off the last of their pups to the Cocheco Valley Humane Society in Dover, New Hampshire.
At this point, they had been awake for well over 24-hours!

They brought us the most wonderful gift box filled with gifts from Alabama!
It was so gorgeous I almost didn't want to open it!! A vintage french box was wrapped with a burlap New Orleans coffee bean bag to hold all the goodies! Lots of the goodies were also wrapped in burlap. Inside, all from Alabama: peanuts, wine, dog cookies, sugar cookies, honey, habanero pepper marmalade, pickles, Saw sauce, fried green tomato batter mix, notepad, and a burlap dog collar for Ella!!
Brittany and Brooke's sweet parents had also sent along a bottle of wine and some pancake cane syrup!

The next day we took them on our dog-walk (Ella adored the girls!)......

to the falls....

and since it was Halloween, we went to one of the antique cemeteries, and visited the grave of a local ghost!

We then went antique shopping and the girls made a haul at our favorite dive antique mall! Dan found the little demi-john that Kristen purchased... $3!

They are now safely back home in Birmingham!

A very grateful thank you to Brittany & Kristen for helping to save these 33 little dog-souls!
It is amazing when you realize that by the end of this week, the majority of the dogs will have found their forever homes!

It was a pleasure, a joy and a huge gift for Dan and I and Ella to get to spend the weekend with these two amazing puppy-angels!
I absolutely adore them both!