weekend find...

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After a stunningly gorgeous 40-minute drive through Fall foliage to get to our favorite pancake diner we stopped in our favorite dive antique mall and found these beauties...
antique piano legs!

As luck would have it, on Friday the contractor and crew arrived to start the barn room renovation (a post to follow), and lately I've been thinking about what to do for a large barn room ottoman.

These gorgeous hand-carved legs measure 23 inches in height. Their large scale is perfect since the barn room is fairly large at
23 feet- 6 inches x 27 feet with a 12 foot plus ceiling. I'm thinking an upholstered top, but we could also do a wood top made with reclaimed barn wood... .
What would you do?!

did I mention the price?...... $68, and then after the 10% discount for cash..... $61.20!!!!!!

each leg is numbered... love the antique font

the legs are on iron casters

What's this you ask?!
This is one tired shopping-dog under the down comforter taking an afternoon nap. It's hard to be Ella!!