join us for a glass of wine

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Last evening, Dan suggested we have a glass of wine at the adirondacks in the front meadow where we could watch the sun set on the maples up at the house....
a delightful suggestion!

It was a very crisp night, so we donned down jackets and gloves.

As the sun started to go down I noticed Ella sitting there shivering. She's not a shivering kind of dog, so I knew she was really cold. I gave her my faux fur collar I was wearing, and while most dogs would try to shake or paw it off... not Ella! I think she knew how lovely she looked! The shivering stopped immediately. She wore it for a good 30 minutes, and probably would have worn it all night if I hadn't taken it off her when we went inside!

As she would bend over to smell something on the ground, the scarf would rotate and she then looked like a reindeer!
Thank goodness she doesn't take it personally when we laugh hysterically at her!

The light faded and the moon came out... time to go inside.