Living in New England: vanity license plates

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There are many aspects of life here that are so unique from other parts of the country, and I want to share those things with my family, and perhaps with you- if you have never been here. I thought it might be helpful to do some posts called : "Living in New England" that highlight quintessential New England sights, events, situations, and experiences.

I also know of many people who have lived here, in New England, their entire lives and perhaps don't realize that some of the events and sights that I will describe don't happen elsewhere in the country. Or, maybe you are originally from New England, but have moved away...  I hope these posts will bring back some fond memories for you. In any event I wish to share New England with you through the eyes of this Southerner.

More accurately this post should be entitled "Living in New Hampshire," as New Hampshire has the second highest number of personalized/vanity license plates in the country (per a 2007 survey based on percentage of registered motor vehicles that are vanitized.)  Maine, Connecticut, and Vermont also ranked in the top ten, hence the NE connection.
Having moved here from Texas, which has the lowest rate of vanity plates in the country this has been quite entertaining!
Vanity plates are everywhereI really can't express to you how many you see while driving, even on cars that you think could ill afford to pay the extra $40 per year for the privilege.  If you see 10 cars you'll see 7 vanity plates!   Sometimes they are funny, sometimes cute, sometimes odd, sometimes you can't figure out what they mean, and sometimes, okay a lot of the times, they are just plain odd!  We often say to one another " Now, why would someone want that on their license plate?" !
Did I mention they are everywhere?!!

 It does makes for some interesting "reading" while stopped at a light!