the fall mantel

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I love Fall.
I love that Fall is the celebration of nature;  no bunnies, Santa, or cupids in sight... just the bounty of the earth-  leaves turning colors, pumpkins, apples, and the changing light to illuminate it all. 
My very simple mantel filled with natural treasures is, for me, what the season is about.

My favorite Jarrahdale blue pumpkins with antique mercury glass candlesticks.  The piece of wood on the far left is a portion of a "root" from a huge, old maple stump that we excavated in early Spring.  As we were picking up the debris from the stump I found this piece and loved how sculptural it was.  I worked to slowly clean out and dry the piece all summer. 

One of the largest of my tree fungus brackets (22 inches wide) takes center stage leaning against the antique French mirror.  A wasp nest and a small horn rests on a branch found in the forest that is covered with moss and lichens. 

Antique Chinese blue and white double happiness vase shares a side with another blue Jarrahdale, a miniature white pumpkin, and silvered candle holders.

Hope you are having a wonderful Fall!