Mantel love... part II

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Last weekend we stopped into a new, very small antique shop down the street from a regular antique haunt of ours in Keene (home of the world famous pumpkin fest), a small town about 30 miles west of us. As we drove up I saw this pair of antlers in the window, and as a lover of all things organic my heart went pitter-patter. (I love rocks, driftwood, forestwood, shells, coral, horns, tree fungus- yes, I said tree fungus!- trust me your gonna want some!! see photo at bottom!) Then, as I was getting out of the car looking at the antlers in the store front window, it appeared someone had carved something in the horn. Very folksy, and not my thing at all. Heart went plunk, as I like my organics au naturel! We went in the shop to find the dealer has a great eye, and even better prices! I walked back outside to view the horns through the window. I realized that there was nothing carved on the horns, what I was looking at that I thought was a carving was actually a natural formation that looked like a rosebud; I quickly went back inside to see them up close. (Now, if Dan were telling this story he would tell you that he looked up and saw me running into to store. But, for the record, that is so not true... I was just walking very briskly!)

The dealer handed us the horns from the front window. I was starting to break into a sweat when I realized that the pair was marked $40. I would have easily paid $240 as I have never seen a more beautiful rack of horns.... ever! Without even asking (and we generally ask!) the dealer said she would take $30 for them. I was one happy girl, let me tell ya!

When we brought the horns (which are caribou horns) home and placed them on the master bedroom mantle they were perfect! While they are horn, they give off this 'driftwood' feel with their color and curly nature. Up until that moment the bedroom I had planned was going in a totally different design direction, but this was perfect! This was the inspiration that I needed. Then I found this wonderful pillow (made from an old rug) that I used to have in my guest room, and I realized that these were the colors I want in the room: creams, golds, browns, greys, and a hint of turquoise! So this will be my inspiration for the
master bedroom- organic, earthy, soothing tones.

this is a large specimen of tree fungus! see, isn't it beautiful, and now don't you want one too?!!
it measures 22 inches. when Dan was growing up in Oregon they used to call them conks. this variety of fungus is hard like wood. we purchased this piece, but I do have several smaller specimens that we have found.

the inspiration pillow made from an old rug (it's surprisingly soft.) there's a hint of turquoise in it that I will use for a pop of color.

here's another pillow, made from an antique tapestry I found last summer in a local antique shop- I'll also use it in the master bedroom.