tractor love!

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me mowing!

Dan grew up on a dairy farm in Oregon. Tractors are in his blood. At the age of three and a half, yes three and a half, he was driving a tractor on the farm. After realizing at a very young age just how much hard work it was to run a farm Dan chose another profession and got off the farm as soon as he could! So, he's never actually owned a tractor of his own... until yesterday!

I fought this purchase for months. It was too much money, too big, too blue, too much money, too, too... But, the grass desperately (as you will see in the photos) needed mowing and after getting bids of $1000 a pop to cut our 4 acres (boy, do we miss cheap labor in the South!) I soon realized that big-blue would pay for herself within a couple of years.

Please don't tell Dan (actually, he kinda figured it out after the fifth time of me saying "my turn"!) but within minutes of driving the tractor I had tractor love!! I was then asking if the tractor was big enough, and if we needed a bigger scoop!! I'm thinking a big hat, my iPod and I'm good to go! Now, if it only had a seat for Ella it would be perfect!

tractor love.... who knew?!!!

Okay, this next sentence is for my niece-in-law, Allison, to tell to my nephew, Forest. For the rest of you it will read blah, blah... blah, blah, blah!! Forest, Dan says it's a New Holland, 45 horse power, diesel, it has a 72-inch finish mower with turf tires, a scoop, adjustable forks that are interchangeable with the scoop, and an 84"blade for grading the gravel drive and also snow removal. You'll have to bring Eli (when he gets here!), and teach him how to drive a tractor!

She's kinda pretty, isn't she!

Ella didn't notice much when Dan was on the tractor, but she thought I was crazy!! Maybe it was the hootin' and hollerin' and waving at her from across the field?! Ya think?!

dang... had to let Dan have a turn.