a bit of the bubbly!

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Thank you so much for all your lovely well-wishes for our anniversary and my birthday!
It was a wonderful day made that much more special by your sweet words...
 thank you!
A bit of the bubbly was enjoyed;) so I wanted to share with you a new favorite mix!

First, an apology to those of you who don't have access to Trader Joe's.... TJ's is a favorite of mine and I literally researched mileage from this house to the closest TJ's before we bought  (for the record it's about 22 miles away, and just last week moved several blocks closer, so now TJ's has their first store in New Hampshire!  Yay!!) (and FYI- I see from TJ's website that they are soon to arrive in Texas!  Lucky you!)

Trader Joe's Orange Peach Mango Juice mixed with champagne is a delightful blend! 
It's softer, somehow, than a mimosa and in each sip you get hints of all three fruits.  Yummmm!
Our favorite mixing champagne is this Jaume Serra Cristalino, Cava Brut.  (In my opinion it is a crime against Madame Clicquot to mix our favorite Veuve Clicquot with anything!!)  Wine & Spirits gave Cristalino Brut a 91-point rating, and at a $10- $12 price point that's a very good thing!  I can often find it on sale for around $9, and in Dallas would find it at World Market. 

So, cheers to you!!!