for the love of a husband...

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July 29th, 1988.

Twenty one years ago today I said "I do" to a very wonderful man.
We were married in the gardens at the historic Columbia Gorge Hotel in beautiful Hood River, Oregon.
It was a very quiet, simple wedding...just the two of us and our parents.
I carried a bouquet of gardenias.
It was a perfect day.

Dan is....
my confidant, my hero, my cheerleader, my love, my secret keeper, my partner in crime, my reality-tv watching mate, my best friend, my lamp maker, my much better half, my reality check, my furniture waxer, my hero, my car washer, my soul mate, my gossip buddy , my antiques partner, my sounding board, my yard man , my chandelier wirer, my crush, my solve the world's problems adviser, my dog washer, my kind soul, my dragon slayer, my extra eye when antiquing, my personal dilemma solver, my gas tank filler upper-er, my 'yes' man, the president of my fan club, my doggie's daddy, my artist, my comedian, my joy, my picture hanger, my grounding rod, my heart, my personal driver, my coffee in the morning getter, my daily compliment giver, my ....................................................................
In essence, he is my everything, all rolled up into one human being!
Dan once gave me a card that I would like to give back to him, it read...
"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world."

For those of you who don't personally know Dan, I thought this story, regarding the above photo , would give you a glimpse of the man who is my husband:

"It's summer several years ago, and we have escaped to Colorado to get out of the 102 degrees back in Dallas (and so Dan can go fly-fishing and I can sit by the river, read shelter magazines and drink wine!) It's a very cool day in Wagon Wheel Gap, Colorado and we head off on a drive up Pool Table Road- a curvy, gravel, forest service road. I was secretly looking for a large piece of forestwood to use as a dining table centerpiece. I turned my heated car seat on and enjoyed the view, mile upon mile (12 to be exact) I rejected piece after piece from my comfy, warm car seat. I then spotted the perfect piece of forestwood, but at this point was so comfy I didn't want to speak or get out of the car.......... Next morning, I wake up and am consumed with the thought that I HAVE TO HAVE THAT ONE PIECE OF FORESTWOOD--RIGHT NOW!!! I tell Dan I need to go back up the mountain (all 12 miles, thank you) to find that one piece. I assure him I know exactly where it was on the 12 miles!, and he, without objection at my far-fetched plan, obliges and off we go.

Now this day it was raining, so everything looks totally different. I keep telling Dan that I think it's at the "next turn", "okay, well, it will definitely be the next turn"... it was not. Never once does Dan lose patience with my silly plan, or query me on where the hell is that one log in this forest of logs.

I never found said piece of perfect wood.... but at about mile 11, when even I was losing patience, I found this beautiful piece of forestwood that has bedecked our dining room table for years.

Every time I look at this beautiful piece of Colorado forestwood, I think of my sweet, sweet husband who "gets" me and my unusual decorating ways!

The only thing the man won't do for me is go fabric shopping with me....... that's when he turns into the husband sitting in the car outside of the store (you know the one!), but I'll give him his one ;););) fault!"

(be sure to note in the photo the rock embedded in the log!)

I wish my husband of twenty-one years (who reads my blog and checks for comments!) a very happy anniversary from your wife who adores you.

You are my heart.

oh, I almost forgot;)...... it's my birthday too! At 28 young years of age I hated birthdays and decided that getting married on my birthday would make me like the day, and would give Dan only one day, combined, to remember!
For the record, he's never forgotten my birthday or our anniversary!! I'll do the math for you... I'm 49 !
We're off to Maine today! I see lobster in my future!!

Happy, happy today!