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Years Young. Today.
Trying to embrace it.

Twenty-two years ago I was married. Today.
That one is easy to embrace!

~ ~ ~

Over the last year Dan has asked me repeatedly what I wanted to do today.

Paris was discussed... often!

But, in the end my true heart's desire was to wake up in my own bed, in my beautiful home that several years ago was only a dream, and spend the day with Dan and Ella, a lobster or two, a bottle of Veuve, and walk on the beach in Maine!

I struggled with this decision for a while because, you see, this is something we do rather often (sans the bottle of Veuve!) I felt I should want to do something big and grand.... but then, my gift came in the realization that for me personally, my perfect day is not some big celebration or trip, but something I get to do all the time! How lucky does that make me?!

Pretty darn.

With that said... we are off to Maine!

I thought we were just going for the day, but come to find out (I just found out:) we are going for several days! We are going further North than we have ever been (as we usually do day-trips) and are going to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park! I am so excited! If I see Martha I'll tell her you said hi!!

I hope to see some of this... puppy joy running on the beach!
"Happiness... not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour."~Walt Whitman~

see you soon!