Reason Number 357...

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Why I love Costco...

Orchid $19.99!

There are seven stems full of blooms!

This is a corner in the master bedroom.
Table was mentioned  here.
Pair of original antique french architectural renderings on wall.
Vintage (iron and wood) wheat lamp Dan found at a flea market in California twenty years ago! We were just starting to antique, and this was the first purchase he made on his own... he called me three times to make sure he should "chance" it. It was $7.50!! This was back before cell phones, so the calls home were more than the lamp itself!! For many years it has sat in a closet, but I always loved it's lines and never wanted to sell it. I made the finial- carved it out of clay, baked it and then gilded with gold-leaf to match the wheat on the lamp! New black fabric shade is lined in gold fabric which illuminates the gold wheat stalks!
Old pot the orchid is in was found at an antiques shop in Paris,Texas!!
Two antique Santos- one has a piece of petrified wood as the stand.
Painting was found on a trash pile in Dallas!
Vintage silvered vase in the corner (not mercury glass, as mercury glass has to be "double-walled.")
Great reads: John Salidino, Suzanne Kasler, and Rose Tarlow.