hotel silver champagne buckets and more!

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Hotel silver champagne buckets are difficult to come by. It was years after we first started collecting hotel silver before we even crossed paths with one, and then it was so ridiculously expensive we thought we’d never own one. But, as collecting goes we did find one, and then another and another…..!

This 1913 Biltmore hotel bucket is my favorite in our collection: from it’s time-worn monogram barely visible, to the drip-tray, to the handle, to the bun feet- I love everything about it! Found this gem on eBay years ago, and paid only $35, as he was listed in an unusual category (not “hotel silver.”) It has chilled champagne for us on many happy occasions!

This built-in cupboard in our dining room houses some of our larger hotel silver and antique ironstone pieces.

Another hard-to-find piece is this large punch bowl/ice bucket. I have only seen one other bowl this size in 15 years, and it was in a magazine!

A closeup of the above bowl. It is from the

Hotel Fontenelle and measures 15 inches handle to handle.

I’m especially fond of hotel silver trays, as I find lots of uses for them around the house:

You remember this large 1913 Biltmore Hotel tray on the kitchen dining table...

Here is it’s matching mate on the kitchen island holding a wire basket we found in France that is filled with topiaries.

Hotel tray from the Arizona Biltmore holds keys and sunglasses on the Entry chest-of-drawers.

Hotel tray from the Olympic Hotel on a skirted table in the Living Room.

Pierced hotel piece (The Commodore Hotel circa 1917) holds old photographs and an antique English horn and sterling magnifying glass in the Reading Room.

I'm a huge fan of actually using your collections, and I love the warm patina of the hotel silver placed throughout the house!