There was a MOOSE in our backyard !!!

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"Toto, we're not in Texas anymore!"

We've lived in New Hampshire now for two years, and have never seen a moose! We've heard about them, see road signs for them- warning of moose crossing the road for the next five miles, you can even get a license plate with a moose on it... but we have never seen one here. We talk about moose often on our drives.... looking in marshy fields to spy one, wondering where they live, asking each other when we will see our first New Hampshire moose, but nothing, nada, zip.

Until tonight. Only moments ago- standing in the master bedroom looking out over the back meadow in the dusk of nightfall and Dan proclaims he sees a moose on the hill behind our house! A mere 300 yards away. "Yeah, right" I say as I'm running to get the binoculars, the whole time thinking he's delusional and needs to get his eyes checked! And then, sure as rain, there it is ....


Not on some back road, not in some marshy wetland on one of our drives..... but in our very own backyard!!!!

(I tried all different settings on my camera and this was the best shot I could get... he (has a rack) is in the center of the photo and his legs appear white. Hope that helps you to spot him in the photo!)