Bright & Shining

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The vintage chandeliers for the two guest bedrooms have been cleaned, rewired and hung by the resident handyman (aka Dan;). They are now bright and shining in their respective rooms!

This is what the chandeliers looked like when I found them. If you missed it, you can read about it here. I removed the crystal festoons (also called garlands per the glossary from the book mentioned at the bottom of this post), which I think highlights the simple lines of the chandelier.

The silver ceiling caps were found at Cranberry Hill Lighting in Cape Neddick, Maine. It's our closest lighting store, and we look for any excuse possible to drive to the Maine coast!!
Here is one chandelier before the real-wax sleeves arrived.

The real-wax sleeves were purchased from Lumiere Candles.
I love this company!
Because my sleeves were not a standard size they were a special order- they were custom made for me on Monday, shipped on Wednesday and arrived on Saturday! I'm a firm believer that it's the attention to the little details that will make a room sing.

Close-up of the sleeve. (sleeves are in "white")

I also ordered sleeves for this pair of antique iron sconces in the master bath. These sleeves were only one inch, and yet the attention to detail on the drips is perfect! The sconces flank the antique tub in the master bath. We found these sconces at an antiques shop in Marseilles, France. I love the purple crystals.

Lights off!
If you love chandeliers you might be interested in this book, Chandeliers by Elizabeth Hilliard. I recently purchased this book, and have been so impressed with the sheer number of photographs of chandeliers (over 200 per the book jacket), not to mention, the history and information of different styles and periods.