the back porch

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While we're outside doing yard work, I thought I would show you
the back porch.
Have a seat, stay a while... I'll bring you some sweet tea, and if you need anything just tell Ella to go get us!

This photo is taken from the east meadow looking west towards the house. You can see the back porch which is off of the kitchen, and the upstairs porch which is off of the master bedroom.
Our exciting news is that the barn room renovation (the gray barn with the french doors) is set to start in October!

Iron table with Japanese fishing float placed in the base, and wicker chairs. The pillows are down-filled; being natural they actually weather great outside. Since I don't use a lot of pattern inside I liked the bold pattern of the fabric for this porch, and at $25 a pair (Homegoods) I couldn't have handmade them for less. I can't tell you how luxurious it is to have down-pillows outside!

"do you need anything yet?!"

This table is the ultimate in high-low decorating!
The iron table base we picked up curbside for free while "junking" in Dallas. It was originally an old garbage can holder.... yes, I said garbage can holder!!, and it moved with us to New Hampshire! The antique marble top was found at a wonderful shop in Maine! So, for a mere $220 ($200 for the marble, and $20 for our neighbor to cut-and-weld the base so that it would fit perfectly) we now have a fabulous table!
Antique copper tub filled with Japanese fishing floats and copper floats under the table.

Antique French fountain ( here ) filled with conks (here)! Huge orchid (here)!
Pair of antique Chinese vases (and yes, they sit outside all season) keep the silver-plated iron bird company! The antique Chinese green jardiniere holding the orchid is one of my favorite finds (I have a pair), but I'll save that for a later post.

So glad you could visit...
hope you'll come back soon!