the barn room coffee table

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 As I mentioned in my post about the barn room status, while I'm working on the design of the barn room I will post on individual elements in the room in hopes to tide you over!


I think coffee tables are one of the most difficult design elements to find for a room, and antique coffee tables are close to impossible!
I had initially hoped to use the beautiful antique piano legs  that we found several years ago as the base for a large upholstered ottoman that I would then use as the coffee table in the room, but they were way too tall, and will work better as a bench, perhaps in the loft.  So, the hunt for another table began.   

The barn room is fairly large measuring 23' x 27' and has 12' 4" ceilings, so I really needed to find a piece that had the right "look" (I wanted a really wonderful statement piece) and the right "scale" for the room. 

While in Maine antiquing one day we found this fabulous table! 
It is a 19th-century hand-painted Empire-style table.   When we walked in the shop and saw this table at Bob Withington Antiques we both just silently looked at each other with the "this is the one" look!  You never want to sound too excited about something when your next question will be
"Is this your best price?" :)
 It was everything I was hoping to find, and more


Note the beautiful carving...

and the intricate details of the gold brush strokes over black.

Even the inside of the table is beautifully painted. 
(Please ignore the fabric on the sofa!  After saving funds for months I just this week I ordered 58 yards of fabric to slipcover the two sofas in the room and to make curtains for the pair of French doors!)


Then, to top it off (literally :) it has a beautiful, charcoal honed- marble top!  You can place drinks on it and not worry- perfect for the casual feel I wanted for the Barn Room!

Bob Withington Antiques is on Route 1 (611 Route 1) in York, Maine- right next to Stonewall Kitchen's flagship store (which is wonderful btw)!  Have I mentioned lately how much we love Maine?!!

And speaking of 58 yards of fabric... :)
Perhaps you have noticed that I have added advertising to the blog.  I struggled with the decision for a long while.  I invest many, many hours (I think you might be shocked ;)  in photographing, writing, editing...  more editing my blog, and I came to the realization that with the amount of time that I spend blogging that it was the right decision for me to make. I have been very pleased with the ads that appear on the blog and hope you will be too.  So many times I've been really interested in one of the ads and I'm just about to click it only to remember that it is against the rules for me to click my own ads...  bummer!  So, I hope you find them as pertinent and as interesting as I do.

Thank you for reading the blog and for being along on our journey!  We appreciate all of your interest!