dancing tulips...

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I love tulips. 
I love this time of year when you start to see them at the market.   My favorite are the white, but orange tulips have been known to make my heart skip a beat too!

There are a lot of myths on how to keep fresh cut tulips alive longer - things like adding aspirin, or a penny, or bleach, or 7-Up to the water, but in reality all they want is lots of "fresh water!"  Tulips are known to dance as they continue to grow even after being cut and placed in a vase, and they twist and turn towards the light!   Their movement and spontaneity makes them not only beautiful, but charming too!

To get the most out of cut tulips, be sure to remove any leaves that will be below the water line.  Make diagonal cuts (preferable under water so no air enters the stem), and add the stem immediately to a vase of fresh water.  Tulips do not need cut flower food like other flowers.  
As a rule, I always rinse the entire stem under running water before I cut and place it in a vase; I do this with every type of cut flower I bring home.  I have found this one simple step helps to reduce bacteria growth and increases the length of time the flowers stay fresh.  I also rinse the stems each and every time I change the water- which I do every day or two.   
 By simply cutting an inch off the tulip stem every 3- 4 days and making sure they have lots of clean, fresh water you should be able to enjoy their beauty for a week to ten days!

Large Hotel Silver tray from The Biltmore is one of a pair- c.1913.  The tray holds:
old salt and pepper shakers, antique English white ironstone pitcher for the tulips, antique celery glasses for our collection of Hotel Silver forks and knives from various American hotels, an antique English white ironstone sugar for Hotel Silver spoons, a pair of small horns and two rattan-wrapped candle holders. 

For me, tulips in the house are a sign that Spring is just around the corner!
Here's to dreaming of Spring, and wishing you a wonderful weekend!