pillows and cushions

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While working on the barn room I've been thinking a lot about pillows, or cushions-  a term you often encounter when looking at "antique" pillows, so I thought I would share some of the pillows and cushions I have around the house all together in one post.

I feel pillows send the message:  please relax and be comfortable in this room!  
Since I love antiques I often use vintage and antique fabrics in making pillows/cushions.

Our living room sofa is covered with down-filled pillows and cushions.  The 18th and 19th century antique Flemish tapestries that I had made into cushions are my very best antiquing find and buy...ever!  They share the sofa with light cocoa-colored swirl-patterned pillows and two gray velvet pillows.

I love re-purposing vintage fur "muffs" into pillows.  This one in the living room is mink.

This small pillow, the same velvet on the sofa, was sized to perfectly fit the French chair in the living room.

 An antique tapestry piece with pea-green ticking is a cushion on the chair in the master closet.

A rectangular chocolate velvet pillow shares the linen chaise in the master bedroom with an antique tapestry cushion.  The delicate trim on the edge of the tapestry is also antique.

This pillow was made using the reverse side of the fabric which was softer in color and worked better in the master bedroom.

A large antique Flemish verdure tapestry made into a cushion shares the bed with two raw silk pillows in one of the guest bedrooms.

The beautiful piece of antique red velvet and hand-stitched gold scroll-work was originally a bell pull.  The large linen pillow expands the width of the full-sized bed in the other guest room

 Another vintage muff turned pillow- this one in leopard sits in a chair in the reading room.

Antique tapestry cushions at the kitchen dining room table.

 Master bedroom bed pillows.  The large cushion is made from an antique kilim rug.

And, finally- another mink muff made into a pillow in the master bath.

To find gorgeous 16th/17th and 18th century antique decorative cushions contact Debra at
 Oreillers .