a little project: an antique frame

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As I continue to show you around the house (just waiting on some velvet pillows being made to show you the living room) you'll notice that we have a fondness for paintings.   We have been very fortunate to have found some fabulous antique and newer paintings over the years-  keep in mind we've been antiquing for 23 years! 
(for the record:  when I use the word antique I only mean that it is over 100 years old.  Just because something is antique doesn't mean it has to be precious, untouchable, unattainable, unaffordable, etc.  It can be, but doesn't have to be... )

I think original art is an extremely important element in a home.  I believe art gives a house a soul.   It should speak to you on an emotional level, whether it is art drawn by your child or an antique oil painting from a listed artist- the value is in the emotion is brings to you.  That's why art is so personal.

So, when I found this watercolor several weeks ago I had an immediate emotional attachment... it reminded me of our farmhouse and how the farmhouse sits on the property, and the amazing skies that we see here.  From the framing I would guess it was painted in the 1970/1980's?

Later that same week, we found this antique water-gilt frame at another antiques shop.  At first, I walked right by the frame only seeing the painting... wasn't interest.  Then, my eye saw the beautiful antique frame and I was smitten!  We bought it for $100.  Good antique frames are really difficult to find, so when we spy them we buy them!  The frame joined several other antique frames stacked in the closet awaiting its perfect mate.... until it dawned on me how perfectly this frame and that watercolor would go together!

I "married" them. 
I will use a piece of antique wavy glass (from our house renovation) instead of new glass to add some additional character.
So, for a mere $110 I have an original piece of art in an antique frame! 

Wishing you a very happy weekend filled with some great finds!