the winter house

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I realized I had not shown you around the house in the winter... 
We already had about a foot of snow on the ground, and I am very happy to report that we only received another 12-inches in this latest double-storm that hit our area, instead of the 20-inches plus that were predicted!  While the difference might not sound like much, it makes a huge difference in life after a storm.

It's difficult to remember that the house looks like this too!

The stone beehives at the entrance of the driveway in their winter splendor!

Our road. 
And, our beautiful mailbox that sits across the street from our entrance surrounded by reflectors and pink tape that blows in the wind and reminds the town plow to stay away!!

My plow guy...Dan on Big Blue!
  Dan clearing a parking pad for the workers, who have taken a "snow day," but will be back tomorrow.  Dan has found that it is easier to use the front "scoop" on the tractor to "pick up" the snow rather than to plow with the snow-blade which is attached to the rear of the tractor and only pushes the snow off to the side- and you have to drive backwards to use the blade.

Scooping snow onto the snow pile... one of many piles!

Plowing the drive to the house.

This is a good sight:  a "plowed" driveway!

Ella hopping off of the front steps. Check out those "bunny" ears! 
Like her Mama, this Texas-girl loves the snow!  The sound and feel of walking on snow is magical to me!

View towards the back meadow.
It is absolutely beautiful, but what truly surprises, delights and amazes me on a daily basis is how natural this winter scape is to the soul of this born-and-raised Texan.
When we told family and friends of our decision to move to New Hampshire we were asked over an over how we would survive the winters??  In all honesty, the winters were the wild card for us, as neither of us had ever lived anywhere that had a true winter.  People would ask what we would do if we couldn't tolerate the winters.  Our answer... we'd move back. 
Lets just say.... we don't see that happening any time soon!
I hope all of you who were in the path of this winter storm are safe and warm.
And, to my Australian friends in the eye of Yasi.... continued prayers for you and your country.