"look where we live..."

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is something that is said by either Dan, or myself on almost a daily basis!

We feel very grateful that our leap-of-faith-move landed us in such a beautiful part of the world.

It was said, again, today.... as we walked up to these beautiful falls. This gorgeous sight is a mere 20-minute casual walk (probably a little over a mile away) off on a trail from a road we walk several times a week.

Ever since we've moved into our house people have asked if we've been to the falls, and the answer has always been no... until today when we set off to find it.

I grew up going to the Tetons in Wyoming and Glacier National Park in Montana. When we lived in Dallas, Dan and I would travel many times each year to Colorado and beyond just to get our mountain and nature fix.

That this wonderment is, basically, in our own backyard is sometimes hard to believe!