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chandelier in the basement being waxed:

And while we're in the basement, here is a shot of our Buderus propane-fueled boiler. This unit heats the water for our heating system in the house, and the radiant heat in the garage floor. In the background of the third photo you see our tankless Rinnai water heater. We don't worry about running out of hot water as our plumbers installed this same single unit in a laundromat that had 22 washing machines!

Oh, and by the way........
in case you were wondering.... Ella loves the tractor!
(What you don't see in this photo is Dan eating lunch on the tractor.... shrimp salad on an ironstone plate, water in a glass, and a cloth napkin.... we're fancy farm people!! Actually, I just couldn't get him to come in for lunch, so I took it to him!)