the last one...

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For years I have coveted a copper mailbox from Smith & Hawken.
I remember being introduced to their catalog probably twenty years ago, and then was delighted to go into their retail shop when it opened in Dallas. It was always a great source for that garden inspiration you needed when it was 100 degrees outside! When I learned that they were closing their doors my garden-heart sank.

In our past homes the mail dropped directly into the house, so I didn't have a need for a mailbox. Here we have a small box and the mailman has to bring small packages up to the house. So, we have been looking for an old rural farm mailbox- large, you see them often on country roads..... we passed on an old one a couple of weeks ago because it wasn't the one.

Yesterday we were in Boston and stumbled across a closing Smith & Hawken (it was close to Cape Cod, and come to find out, was the only store in Massachusetts and we were told it had been the most profitable store in the chain, which was so interesting since it was about half the size of the store in Dallas... .)

And there it was... one lone large copper mailbox... on sale. It had a wee bit of a dent on the door (nothing a rubber mallet couldn't fix), and so we asked if they had another one in the back. The salesperson left us, came back and said they didn't have another one, and in fact she looked on line, and it was
the last one in their whole system.
So, we bought the last large copper mailbox from Smith & Hawken...
that makes me happy and sad at the same time.