skunked.... the antiquing kind

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No, not the real kind (thank goodness), but the antiquing kind! Over the last week, in the hunt for the perfect kitchen dining chandelier (think: antique, iron, at least five-arms, graceful lines...) we've been to: Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Maine.....
I know it sometimes looks like we just decide what we are looking for, and go out and immediately find it, but we actually have to kiss a lot of toads in the process! And boy have we been kissing toads this past week!!

But, the good news is next week is Brimfield! We once stopped by Brimfield when we were up house-hunting, but have never been since we have lived in New England. (If anyone would like to share their favorite fields and/or shows I would love to hear which ones you like!)

Although we didn't find anything in the past week of shopping, we had a lot of fun and did see some beautiful sights! It was also our first trip to Rhode Island. Rhode Island marks the 26th state that Ella has visited! Ella wants to know: How many states have you been to?!

Hope you are having a good week. For those of you still suffering in the heat, Fall is definitely in the air here, so that means it's not long until it gets to you!!