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I decided the kitchen table we were "thinking" about would be perfect for the room. I had wanted an oval, but finding antique dining tables is difficult at best, and an oval one would prove even more challenging. But we did, and after vacuuming it off and placing it in the kitchen it is indeed perfection! When Dan does his "Dan wax," as we call it, it will be beautiful! The current casters are plastic replacements, and we'll replace those with antique iron casters which would have been what was originally on the table.
Now, on to finding the chairs and the antique iron chandelier that I can see perfectly in my head, I just can't find!

And...We also purchased this table for the master bedroom. I love it's lines. In a lighter tone it would look like a Scandinavian piece. The bottom shelf was installed upside down, hence the nails showing.... that has already been corrected.

And this.........

Okay, you're going to have to trust me on this one!! Sans the 1990's polyester floral, this is a stunning antique barrel back chair.

I mean, look at this wood detail on the arms....

And these gorgeous ball and claw feet!

The chair just happens to have been painted along the way, and is the perfect shade of turquoise that is in the pillows that I am using as a bit of color in the master bedroom. here

The chair was so happy to get that fabric off!

See, now you can see how pretty she'll be covered in a natural linen.

And finally....

This wood floor lamp! I've looked at the lamp several times now, but didn't have a place to put it. I still don't, but at $35 I just couldn't leave it behind! It will also get a "Dan wax" and a wonderful new shade!

Regarding your requesting;) of more room photos, I know you are being extremely (okay, kinda;) patient with me.... and I thank you for that! And I ask for your further indulgence, as there are just so many little projects and things to finish in each room before I am comfortable showing them (the bedrooms are even further out... .) I know (hope!) you understand!! Know that as soon as I am happy with a room you'll "see" it!

(Thank you all for your sweet birthday wishes for Dan! He was very surprised and happy to receive them! He left a comment for you in the previous post. We had a really fun day-trip and Dan had a wonderful birthday!)