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It was a big day here at the house yesterday.... Big Blue had her mandatory 50-hour service call, and hopefully we won't have to do that again (at $350 a pop- who knew?!) until next year! She passed with flying colors, and the tractor people said some owners don't get to 50-hours in a whole year, and Dan got there in 2 months! She really is a trooper and Dan loves her! You can't blame him, as she's very pretty and does a heck of a lot more heavy lifting around here than I do!! And, she doesn't give him "honey-do" lists which probably also makes him like her!

It was also a big day because I think I found my kitchen dining table! She's turn of the century and very nice. I love when you first spot a piece, and you just know it's going to be yours and you get all excited.... and then leave it!!! I did that when we found Ella too..... I like to sleep on big decisions!!

And speaking of sweet, gentle Ella...we had to take time off from our nightly glass (or two;) of wine, and sitting around admiring our daily progress to make a quick little trip to the Immediate Care Center (an emergency center without the trauma and drama) as Dan's finger came in contact with Ella's tooth while they were playing tonight... A little super glue (seriously!) and he's fine!

And speaking of Dan.... today, August 20th, is his birthday! Happy Birthday to Mr. FLOH- (that's how lots of people refer to their husband on their blogs, Mr. Name-of-Blog... but I think we'll just stick with Dan if that's okay with you?!!) Dan is much older than I am, though not as old as my much older sisters:)!! He has decided (seriously, it was his choice) to drive to the Berkshires to go to some antique shops that he remembers us going to when we were house hunting. We haven't been over that way since we moved here. And, in case we have some extra time... Bunny's house isn't too far out of the way;)!!
And speaking of antiques... the top photo was just a pretty photo I snapped today of our antique mariner oil painting by Edwin Hayes (b.1819, d.1904), entitled " In Full Sail" (in it's original frame) that hangs in the dining room and captured the overlay of the shadow of our dining room chandelier!