our tub moved to New York...

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Today one of our antique cast iron claw foot tubs moved to New York.
No, it didn't just get tired of living in New Hampshire and decide that it would rather live in upstate New York...
Instead, when we redid the guest bath we made the room slightly smaller (which gave a few more feet to the adjacent master bath) and took out the iron tub and put in a marble and subway-tile shower. My new friend Melkorka, at The Little Big House, had made a post several months ago on iron tubs. She's redoing an antique Greek Revival, and I mentioned if she could use one we had one she could have.
Today she and her "crew" (her delightful parents, and cute & charming boyfriend) drove the 5 hours (one way) from their home to ours to pick it up! The tub (the claw feet had been removed for transport in the photo above) was very excited to be going to a new, happy home!
Melkorka was a doll, and it was a wonderful, fun afternoon!
A couple of newer pedestal sinks and mirrored medicine cabinets, several light fixtures and some bath hardware also sneaked into their car.... they must have wanted to go live in upstate NY too!!

Thank you to Temma for the beautiful, and ohmygosh-so-delicious blueberry pound cake that she made for us! Dan is on his second BIG piece as I type!

Here is Melkora's lovely post on her visit to our house!!