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on etsy.

I've looked on etsy a few times, but never spent much time there, then my friend, Kathleen at House Things I Like (Musings from the House of Sand and Dog)- gotta love that description!, did a post of a nice etsy painting and it encouraged me to go and really look this time!
This little 12" x 12" lovely is what I found and bought (bought it on Friday and received it today, Monday, beautifully wrapped like a gift!) The artist is Jennifer Shears. It is entitled Evening Glow, and isn't it gorgeous?! It's style reminds me of one of my favorite contemporary artist, Wade Hoefer (husband to the wonderful California and Paris designer, Myra Hoefer.)

We love paintings, most of our collection are antique oil paintings, but old or new, as long as the painting has a soul! I think etsy is proof positive that no one should be without original art in their lives and homes!