naturally, I loved him...

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Someone on Pinterest once pinned a photo of the Italian case piece in  the reading room  and because of the contents wrote the comment-  
"A naturalist lives here." 
I liked that.
If you look around my house you can easily see that I love my forestwood, my tree fungus (a.k.a. "conks"), my rocks, my bird and wasp nests, my horns, etc... . 
One day, while I was dusting in  the dining room  I picked up a wasp nest and an original occupant fell out!  I was delighted to see him!

wasp nests and a succulent that mimics a nest in antique marble urns in the dining room

I attached him to a pin and then pinned him to his nest. 
Call me a naturalist, but I love him!!

I think he's the bee's knees :)
sorry... couldn't resist!

Happy Weekend!