Muffin's Birthday Party!

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Ella has had a full dance card lately.  In the last week she was personally invited to go to
Bowerbird  (a favorite antique and retail shop in Peterborough, New Hampshire) and to a birthday party... for her horse friend Muffin!
It was Muffin's 30th birthday!!! 
Muffin and her friends live down the street from us and we like to stop and say hello to them when we are on our walk.  There's just something about petting horses that makes your whole day go better!

So, what do you get a thirty year old horse?  A basket full of apples and carrots, but of course!

This was our birthday basket for Muffin!

Ella arriving and being escorted to the party! 
For the record, let me just say that Ella loves a party.  She worked this party like a pro- meeting and greeting with animals and every person there!  She wiggled and waggled her way through the small crowd!  (I think she secretly thought the party was for her ;-)

The birthday girl.

Ella and Muffin.

Muffin was very happy to see Ella!

Muffin wondering if Ella might be her chocolate birthday cake?!!

Ella wore her special  "cupcake" birthday collar in honor of the big day!

Let me introduce you to the other residents at the barn...

This is Pierre.   Pierre is a 35-year-old hinny!  Pierre was a little worried someone might suggest playing "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" at the party!  :-O

This is Thoroughgood -the sweetest Nubian goat you would ever want to meet!   Thoroughgood is 11-years-old which makes him an "old goat!"
See, he's even smiling for you!  He is a love, and his ears look and feel exactly like the plant "lamb's ear" ... exactly!

Smile for the camera Thoroughgood!!!

Thoroughgood and Ella are good buds!

This is Gibson, Muffin's son.

This is Electra, though we call her Black Beauty!

Ella had a delightful time, and was proclaimed (by her five-year-old little girl friend) to be
"the cutest and best dog at the party!!!"   Music to any girls' ears!!

Say "bye-bye" Thoroughgood!!!