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 A couple of things I wanted to talk about...

First, I love my All-Clad cookware.  I believe "good" pots and pans can make all the difference in how your meals turn out and how much you enjoy the experience.   I've had several sets of cookware along the way, but was always dissatisfied with one aspect or another.  Though a bit pricey, (which is what I want to discuss) I think All-Clad is worth every penny.  I consider my pots and pans to be an investment purchase.  That said, I've never paid full price for a single piece.   I was fortunate enough to purchase my first "set" years ago from Bed, Bath and Beyond using a 20% off coupon - before they wised up and restricted All-Clad from being used with their coupons.   All my other pieces are "seconds" and came from T.J.Maxx and Cookware & More.
Cookware & More has great prices on All-Clad "seconds," and then.... twice a year they have a 20% off sale!  The sale is going on now, but ends April 1 (note:  the 20% off is off of the prices listed in the link.).  I realize I am late getting this information out, but I didn't want the sale to totally get by without sharing this information.  If interested, you can sign up for their emails and can plan ahead for the next sale (which is usually sometime in October/November.)   The coupon code for the 20% off the All-Clad seconds is on their home page.  I've purchased many times from this company and I usually have to hunt for the flaw in the piece that makes it a "second!"   Just wanted to pass this information along for those of you who might be interested! xx

Secondly, and speaking of cooking, lets talk pancakes!  This little diner, Swanzey Diner,  in Swanzey, New Hampshire has "the" best pancakes in the world!!!  I kid you not.  We drive miles to (occasionally;) have breakfast here!

I have tried my best to get the recipe out of the waitresses, or at least "hints" to what the secret is, but to no avail! 

These are not your typical thick pancakes- they are thin and crispy on the edges, and are out-of-this-world pancake deliciousness!  They are thin like crepes, but do not at all have the consistency or eggy quality of crepes.  So, I was wondering... do any of you have a recipe for pancakes that sound like and look like this?  I've googled (and tried) several recipes for "thin pancakes" (and, no they are not the thin Swedish pancakes either), but they all have been very eggy, and nothing like this pancake which has the taste and texture of a typical pancake, but is thin.  Thoughts, ideas, recipes?! xx

And lastly, Dan and I have finally entered the state of modern technology!  As you can see, my old cell phone was very, very tired!  We both got iPhones, but I must say the screen size of several of the other "smart phones" had me second guessing my purchase.... I would love to know your thoughts on your phone- love it, hate it?!  (I have a couple of weeks to exchange ;)
Since all this new technology is all a bit overwhelming I was hoping you would share your  favorite apps!
Thank you
! xx