what I'm reading: Patina Style

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It arrived in the mail yesterday. 
I took it out of the mailing box, but couldn't bare to open it... it was just too lovely-
 a gift to be savoured. 
I wanted to open it in a quiet moment with a glass of wine.
I watched it all day today, and smiled each time I walked by it knowing that I was in for a treat.

I opened Patina Style tonight, and was a bit emotional as the soulful photographs jumped off the page and landed in my reading room.  I have admired, coveted and studied the work of Brooke and Steve Giannetti for almost three years now, as Brooke- of the famed Velvet and Linen - was the first blogger I "met." 
It is one thing to look at their gorgeous creations online and quite another to have them in my hands in large, beautiful photographs. 
This is a gorgeous book.
Stunning, really.  A book I will spend hours reading and studying.

"Life isn't about the things you own but about the experiences you have with them.  Patina Style embraces the life in things:  the newel post worn smooth where hands always land, the leather trunk that bears the rubs and scratches of global travel, velvet that is faded, silver that is tarnished, or a flowerpot embedded with moss.  This is the essence of Patina Style, a design philosophy that has evolved through our own lives, both personal and professional.
Patina Style also grew from a desire to add meaning and calm to our surroundings.  It was born of a palette of warm neutral colors- soft creams, gray-greens, and calm blues - that create serenity.  We gravitated towards materials that felt real and that age gracefully over time - pine or oak floors, plaster walls, and natural finishes.  We chose objects that showed the artist's touch and the creative process at work.
Objects also carry the history of the people's interactions with them and the effects of nature on their surface.
Throughout the book, you will come to understand why we believe personal expression and style are so important.  We will show how we do things like repurpose salvaged objects, bring outdoor furniture indoors, turn something old into something better than new.  We hope it will inspire you to do things your own way, to follow your heart, to seek beauty in your life.  When you follow your own unique perspective, you will love the results."

You will love this book. 

to get a copy....   Amazon,
 or to receive a signed copy contact Giannetti Home