summer mantel

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I wanted to keep the mantel light, clean and crisp for summer.

It just wouldn't say "summer" without coral and shells!

My favorite pair of antique mercury glass candlesticks with an antique English sterling and crystal matchstrike,  a small Chinese earthenware ginger jar, and a fossil shell.  The white Texas-clay pot holds an orchid just starting to re-bloom.

I love that the orchid's first bloom is looking at itself in the mirror!

Fan coral with pair of antique Chinese double-happiness vases and another small Chinese earthenware ginger jar.  Since moving into the farmhouse I've been having a renewed love affair with all my antique blue and white porcelains  (I had them stashed away for several years in Dallas.)  I think blue and white is such a classic design element.
   Antique American herbariums flank the fireplace.

And though not on the mantel;) I love the sunlight hitting the forestwod in the antique iron urn that sits beside the fireplace.

Hope you're having a wonderful summer!