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I have been honored the past several weeks by being given the Stylish Blogger award!  I am overwhelmingly flattered, and would like to say thank you to each of the following bloggers who so kindly gave me this award....

Elizabeth at Southern Comfort

Lisa at Shine your Light

Jenny Beth at Life on Lyford

This award states that I share 7 things about myself.  Since my blog is all about me and the farmhouse you already know most of what is to be known, but here are seven random things about me!

1.  In my twenties I met and was blessed ("Bless you my child")  by Archbishop Desmond Tutu....

2.  I haven't worn a watch in over 20 years.

3.  I am scent-sensitive, so I am not a fan of perfumes.  Certain fragrances can give me an instant migraine (so when you come to the farmhouse to visit would you mind not wearing perfume/scented lotion that day?!!:)

4.  I have a wee-bit of an addition to these.
We belong to Sam's for one reason only- to buy Perriers in glass bottles. (please recycle!)  My Costco only carries the plastic bottles, and it is just not the same.
(photo:  for the love of a house)

5.  I own the soundtrack to The Wizard of Oz!  It is one of my top ten favorite movies.  I defy you to have a bad day after listening to Ding-Dong the Witch is Dead five times in a row!  see... you're humming it right now aren't you?!!

6.  I'm in my "happy place" when:   the farmhouse is freshly dusted and vacuumed (I am Fifi the maid btw), I'm in the kitchen cooking, listening to  Something's Gotta Give soundtrack  (Dan knows all is right in my world if he hears that playing!) and ...

having a glass of this.....

discussing the day's events with my sweet husband, and....

getting and giving sugar from this precious girl!!
In this photo Ella is doing her Flying Nun impersonation!  I did not do this to her ears!  Ella does funny, hysterical things with her ears!  for example.....

her Princess Leia impression!   About three weeks after we adopted Ella she walked up to me looking like this..... I think I laughed for an hour straight!!

7.  Jackson Hole Wyoming / the Grand Tetons is my favorite place in the world.
I grew up going there on summer vacations as a child.  Several years ago Dan and I spread my father's ashes in the Tetons, as it was his favorite place too.
(This photo of the sun rising on the Grand was saved from a webcam in the Tetons that we visit every day) 

The rules of this award state that I am to pick 10 newish-to-me blogs to pass the award to.  
I find it impossible to pick just ten.
So, after much consideration I have decided to "bend" the rules a bit and 
instead, I would like to pass this along to all of you
Please consider yourself tagged, snag the award logo and tell seven things about yourself! 
I love reading these lists, so please let me know if you play along!


I also want to say Thank You, Thank you to each of the following bloggers who did posts on
for the love of a house!

I am deeply touched by your kindness and generosity.
Thank you for all the blog love!!

Mama Bear's House :For the Love of a Kitchen..


And last, but certainly not least, a HUGE thank you to the fabulous (seriously, how can you be 28 years old and such a design talent?!) Artie at Color Outside the Lines who worked with me to design my new header and layoutIt is because of Artie that I can now show you large photographs!   Finally!  Thank you Artie!
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