Please help these dogs...

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Betty a whole van full of others!

When we moved to New Hampshire we were shocked and surprised to learn that most of the animal shelters here are empty of stray or abandoned dogs. After asking questions and investigating we learned that this was due to New Hampshire's strict spay and neuter laws. While this is true, I think it has more to do with what is acceptable, and in this part of the country it is simply not acceptable to dump a dog, or let your dog run amuck and have liter after liter of puppies. We have lived here for almost two years now, and while we live in a very rural area we have never seen a single stray dog. What we do see is car after car with a dog or two, or three inside.... this is one dog loving state!

We found sweet Ella at the Dallas SPCA which, as of today, has 12 pages of adoptable dogs..... We once thought we would have to drive back to Dallas to get Ella a "sister," but we recently became aware of a shelter in Alabama with an amazing group of volunteers who drive vans of dogs from over-populated shelters in the South all the way to New Hampshire (and Maine) to find their forever homes! The Shelby Humane Society is a shelter who partners with humane societies across the country that are in need of animals to adopt. It's a win/win situation. I am so very awe-struck by the kind hearted individuals who take days out of their busy lives to drive these lucky, lucky dogs states away to find people who will love them. I think they are angels...

Jenifer Wallis & Jenny Miller are two of the angels that will embark on such a trip this Saturday, November 7th... Please click on their blog and read how these two adorable Alabama girls are going to rescue a van full of dogs and bring them to New Hampshire!
Please, please if you can- donate money to this very worthy cause, even $5 will add up and help these shelter dogs! (If you are another blogger please feel free to copy this post and spread the word!) There are three easy ways to donate on the site....

Stay tuned to their blog as they will also do posts along their journey!

Godspeed Jennifer & Jenny and the puppy-angels in your care.