kitchen countertops

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The stone countertops have been installed and are gorgeous!

Starting with the beautiful Venatino on the island! I love the movement in the piece, and it goes beautifully with the soapstone on the perimeter of the kitchen. In the end the carrara would have been lost in the room, so it's a perfect fit!

The soapstone. The stone was cut last Saturday, so I will wait till this Saturday before I start to oil it. The process, using mineral oil, is once a week for the first month; once a month for the first year; then yearly after that. A lot of people don't like the maintenance involved with soapstone, but I think it's a small price to pay for such a beautiful stone.

The soapstone will darken dramatically once it's oiled which will really change the look of the room.

This is the installer cutting notches out of our new kitchen fireplace hearth stone to make it fit flush to the fireplace. The living room and the dining room have their original (cracks and all!) soapstone; I was planning to use soapstone for the kitchen too. The day we went to template the stone our fabricator kindly offered us the rest of the Venatino slab for our kitchen hearth stone (I think he just felt sorry for us for spending so much money... ;) Dan and I both thought it would be too white and would look awful, but hey... it was free and if it didn't work we would have a nice little marble table top.

Well.... when we saw it in place we both thought it was perfect! It was much more gray than we had envisioned and really brought out the gray in the mortar of the brick wall. The part of the slab that it came from was totally different from the island, so it really doesn't match which is a good thing! We're still so shocked at how perfect it is. A happy unexpected surprise!

The master vanity top!

I used a coved edge to match the feel of the vintage piece. There is also a four-inch backsplash that will be attached when the vanity is installed .

Isn't the edge pretty?!! Also note the beadboard going on the walls.