What do you collect?

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As I've mentioned, 99.9% of everything we own has been packed away in moving boxes for the past year and two months. To say we miss all of our pretties is an understatement. Everything we have tells a story, and we miss that connection to our past. I've been so ingrained in the remodel that I haven't had time to even think about unpacking and where things will go. But, I am finding that I have more and more moments of excitement at the thought of unpacking all of our treasures! As my sister Patti keeps telling me, it will be like Christmas over and over and over! This has got me thinking of all our collections. Having been an antiques dealer I have many collections! A couple of my vintage/antique (we go by the general rule it has to be 100 years old to be called an antique) collections are:

~white ironstone
~hotel silver
~hotel silver flatware
~green yellow ware
~horn handled knives
~tortoiseshell boxes and frames
~metal birds
~horn and sterling magnifying glasses
~white coral
~alabaster grapes (in creams and off-whites only)
~oil paintings
~horn carving sets
~mercury glass
~zinc roof finials
~marble urns
~French confit jars
~small green ginger jars
~japanese fishing floats
~French processional crosses
~blue and white ginger jars

Today in our travels we were lucky enough to find two new additions! This gorgeous American horn and sterling carving set. It is marked PAT'D MAY 7th 1878. We love the beading around the cuffs. They are in perfect condition and we paid $27!

This sweet little piece of coral... $5!

So, now it's your turn... I would love to hear about what things you collect. You can list all your collections, your top-five favorites, your biggest... any way you want to play is fine by me!