A Kitchen is born...

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I walked into the house today and for the first time actually saw the new kitchen- no more walls, pipes, or studs in the way- just one big open space: our new kitchen!

(It helps to use the iron pulls on the built-in cabinet to the right of the range as a visual reference point to watch how the room has changed.)

The existing windows to the left of the fireplace opening will be replaced with French doors that open on to the covered back porch. After the see-thru fireplace is installed in the wood opening seen in the photo we will add a brick wall using the bricks from the original damaged chimney that we took down. I think the exposed brick wall will add character and wonderful texture to that end of the room.

Painted door in the left of photo is the original walk-in pantry! It even has a large window, how sweet is that! The opening at the end of the room will become the stairway into the new Barn Room.