I love houses...

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...I always have. One of my first childhood memories is sitting on the front porch of my Grandmother's house in Portland, Oregon (who knew that my future-husband was probably across town visiting his grandparents at the very same time!) with my two older sisters, and I fell in love with the 1920's house across the street and commented that it was a "huggable"house-- I got a lot of ribbing for that statement, but I meant it with all my heart. I find it poignant that our 'first' house was already across town in that same city (Portland) and would be ours some 25 years later!

My oldest sister has a letter that I sent her when I was 9 years old and she was away at college. I described in great detail how I had just re-decorated my bedroom! Growing up, one of my weekly chores was dusting the house- I hated it, but it wasn't the dusting that I hated, I just hated that it wasn't MY house!! An interesting thought for a 11 year old. I have always wanted my own house!

One of my favorite house quotes comes from Under the Tuscan Sun ... "We love the concept of four walls. 'What is her house like?' my sister asks, and we both know she means what is she like?" I get that. I think your home and how you live speaks volumes about the person you truly are. Not the person you show to the world, or the person you want to be... but the person you are at your core.

During this time of thanksgiving, I just want to say how very thankful I am to own a home again after 9 months of being "homeless!" It is a very simple farmhouse, but it speaks directly to my heart. I still drive up to it, or walk from one room into another and have my breath taken away. I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with many, many things to be thankful for, huggable houses, and lots of turkey(s)!

turkeys visiting at the rent house!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!