the South guest bedroom details

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Thank you to those who left comments and sent emails about this guest bedroom. 

The wall color is Benjamin Moore's Misty Air OC- 44 in Eggshell with White Dove trim in Latex Satin Impervo.

View from the doorway.  Upholstered cotton-velvet headboard in a moss brown was custom designed for the queen bed.  This bedding ensemble was in our master bedroom in Dallas.  White diamond quilted comforter and shams were made from quilting fabric from JoAnn's!   About 14 years ago I redid the master bedroom in Dallas changing the then jewel tones to a quieter neutral.   I fell in love with a diamond patterned coverlet from Peacock Alley, but it was not in my budget.  Being resourceful (and frugal;)  I found this simple quilting fabric and I knew I could get the look without the cost.  The fabric is tough as nails and has held up beautifully over the years.  Two champagne brown silk pillows flank an 18th century verdure tapestry pillow.  The natural linen bed skirt (which unfortunately looks to be discontinued) is from Company C
Boucle sisal rug from Pottery Barn.  I was asked how the sisal/seagrass rugs hold up with dogs and I would say they are made for each other!

English chest of drawers, circa 1850's, with ivory escutcheons.
Natural linen curtains are Aina from Ikea.

Trio of 19th century stacked mirrors.
The large mirror has a wood frame with a gilt inside edge. The Louis Philippe gilt mirror, in the middle, is French (it has a fabulous story that I need to tell you in another post) . We found the small iron "cushion" mirror in the foreground in France.

Antique glazed terracotta baluster lamp (baluster from Singapore) shares the chest with a small antique iron urn that holds an orchid, and a large shell with great natural patina.


French floor lamp found at Uncommon Market Lighting in Dallas.  Dan was just there several weeks ago and sent a photo of their new showroom and it is amazing.  If you stop in please tell Scott and Laura that we sent you!  (Once, when at a huge antique show outside of Avignon, France we ran into Scott and Laura!  It's such a funny thing to run into people you know when in another country on the other side of the pond!)
The finial for the lamp was made using a antique iron curtain rod finial-  I loved the scale and the design for this lamp.
The antique painting and frame was discussed in another post here.


The antique French table at the side of the bed was found in Anacortes, Washington years ago.  I knew it was perfect for a bedside table the second I saw it.  We purchased the painted wood baluster from an old estate in Highland Park in Dallas about 20 years ago, along with about 25 more!  I sold these balusters as lamps in my antiques business, but loved them so much that I kept two for myself all these years- this one and the one in the North guest bedroom.  I find there are several "shapes" that speak to me and make me happy,  and the baluster is one of them as evident by the number of them I have around the house!! 
African violet sits in a small antique iron urn and shares the table top with an antique seascape that was recently "married" to the newly acquired antique gilt frame, antique Chinese blue and white pieces and an antique brass candlestick.


The antique Italian starburst mirror was found at the Scott show about 12 years ago. ( I owned it before they were a fad, and will own it long after the fad has gone! )  The French dealers flew in just for the show.  It was once gilded, but now only faint remnants of old gilt remain.   The convex mirror is an old replacement, though not original to the piece.

Close-up of the pillow made from an 18th century tapestry. 

Remnants of gilt... 

Antique Flemish bird tapestry wall hanging.  The trim surrounding the piece is also antique.
I loved the feminine lines of the small antique accent chair... the chair is definitely a "she"!  She is covered with a vintage alligator hide.  It is the same hide as the piece used to cover the back of  this chair in the reading room.  I was asked where I came across such a large piece- I purchased it from a antiques dealer who had intended to use it for doing a project of her own and never did, so she sold it to me!!  I couldn't write the check fast enough!

Details from the French floor lamp.


I adore its original finish.

View from the guest room through the hall into the master bedroom.

17th century Italian sconce from a convent in Italy was found at the Scott Show in Atlanta.  The dealer had literally walked off the plane from Italy with it the day before.  I love its sculptural quality in the room.

If you look closely at the arm on the right you can see how the delicate piece of iron has split in the center.

Wicker lampshade was on a lamp I found at a local flea market.  I bought the lamp specifically to steal the shade!

This photo helps to see how the chest of drawers and the bed sit in the room.
Chandelier is pair to the one in the other guest bedroom and was found at Bowerbird in Peterborough, New Hampshire.

Closeup of the chest of drawers.  This will also receive its own post...  If you thought Dan was talented before, just wait until you hear this story!! 


The view from the master bedroom through the hall into the guest room. 
No, it is not a bad camera angle.... the door frame is really that crooked.  In an antique house that is perfectly aligned and plumb this is the one place where it is not!  We have no answers or clues to the "why", but I have grown to love this little quirk of our antique farmhouse!

Thanks so much for being our guest; we enjoyed having you!