the winter mantel

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   I wanted to add some warmth and color to the living room mantel for the cold winter months...

Antique French confit pots share the mantel with a trio of antique brass church candlesticks, a large tree fungus "conk", a sculptural piece of a tree root from our property, a bee hive, my 20-year-old topiary, and an antique French horn letter opener.


Antique earthenware confit pots were utilitarian pieces used primarily in the South of France (Provence) for the preservation of meats such as duck or goose. The bottom halves of the pots were unglazed, as the pots would be half buried in the ground to keep the contents cool and fresh.  Since these pots were utilitarian pieces chips and imperfections help authenticate the true antiques from the many reproductions on the market. 

I love old repairs on pottery... the wire on the neck of the small pot was an attempt by someone many years ago to contain a crack in the pot.

A copper tray from India commands the coffee table.