saving sweet memories...

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This photograph captured a very sweet memory of one of the many dinners we shared with our dear (and much missed) friends and neighbors, Don & Michel, at our home in Dallas.   Judging from the glazed lemon pound cake, which was one of Don's favorites, I would guess this was his birthday dinner as I would always try to make their favorites.  I remember taking this photo at the end of the meal thinking it was such a wonderful night that I wanted to remember it forever.   I love how it is slightly blurry, and the table is in disarray-  just like a sweet memory, faded and softened around the edges.

One of my favorite personal possessions is my guest menu-book that I have had for the last 20 years- where I have kept the names of all guests/family that I have made dinner for with the date and menu,  how I decorated the table, what dishes, glasses, flatware and napkins I used.  I write down any notes about preparing the meal, any comments from the guests about the meal... .  It has become a journal of sweet, wonderful memories centered around the dining table and sharing meals.  Reading it transports me back to that memory and all the guests who have graced our table.
  I also will, on occasion, take photographs of the table before the guests arrive, but my favorite photographs are the ones I sometimes take after the meal, like the photograph above-  when the table isn't set and perfect, but the memory of one meal and one wonderful evening is captured forever.

I wish you the makings of sweet memories as you gather around the table with family and friends this Thanksgiving!