a favorite detail: real wax candle sleeves (and a coupon!)

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God is in the details.... or, is it the devil?! 
Either way, I agree!  It's the details...  the little details that can take a room from ordinary to special.
I have decided to do some posts on some of my favorite design "details."  Most often these are small details that not many would ever walk into a room and notice straightaway, but details that give a space a certain je ne sais quoi. 

My first "favorite detail" for a room is real wax candle sleeve covers for lamps, sconces and chandeliers.

There is just something lovely about using "real" beeswax sleeves.   For a small amount of money you can upgrade paper, or horrors... plastic;) to real wax sleeves.  That one simple detail will change the whole piece.
 I sold many lamps and chandeliers using wax sleeve covers in my antiques business.  When we lived in Dallas I could find them at local lamp shops, but they were of average quality and were expensive.  After moving to New Hampshire and not having a lamp shop nearby I searched the Internet and found a company whose product I love...
Lumiere Candles 

Since moving into the farmhouse I have repeatedly purchased from owners Paul and Lisa, who are lovely and wonderful to work with.  All of their beeswax candle sleeves are hand-dipped at their company here in the USA, and drips are then added by hand;   they are not made from molds, so each piece is uniquely different!
I find they have great prices, and their sleeves are the best qualtiy I have ever purchased!

I was thrilled when Paul and Lisa recently wrote to offer me, and YOU a
10% discount off of your order.
This is a permanent coupon, with no minimum purchase!
 When checking out, simply enter the coupon code : FLOH  in the "Coupon" box and be sure to then click "apply coupon" which will re-total your amount.

(I realize I sound like an infomercial;) but I am not being paid for this endorsement, I just happen to love their products, and am excited to share it (as I do all my sources) with you!)

The website is very educational and will walk you through their products on the "product overview" page.  But, here are a couple of things to consider when ordering... first is size.  You need to figure out if you have the small candelabra sockets or regular sockets. 
Next is height.  If ordering custom sized sleeves, be sure to measure twice!   You do not want any part of the socket showing (like in the photo below;)  If the candle sleeve fits down inside the holder I often use a strip of paper, mark it, then measure the paper instead of using a measuring tape, so I can get an accurate measurement.
The beeswax sleeve covers can accommodate up to 25 watt bulbs.
Regarding choosing a color... I have found that
 their "white" is best suited to my Benjamin Moore White Dove, and "ivory" would work well with Benjamin Moore Linen White. 

Lumiere's website is great, so I encourage you to look around!  They also sell beeswax honeycomb covers, large diameter covers (which are impossible to find), lightbulbs and also a resin line if you are going to be using higher watt bulbs.
Thank you to Paul and Lisa for extending this coupon to all my readers!

post script:
The majority of these lighting photos are from the barn room!  We've had a ongoing (two-month- ughhhh) issue with the tung oil floor finish throughout the barn.  It's  boring, maddening, irritating, annoying ... did I mention maddening, and I can't talk about right now.  I bring this up since several;) of you have inquired about the room and hope to see a reveal.  You and me both!
Unfortunately the room sits empty as we work to resolve the floor.   We're close, really close.  The resolution involved our household motto "If you want something done right, then do it yourself,"  - which means that Dan has taken over finishing the floor. 
I "hope" to show you the finished (empty) barn room, mud room and loft soon, but reveals of those spaces are a ways away I'm afraid. 
Please cross you floor-finishing fingers for us!
xo joan