me... happy!

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There are few things that make me happier than a car full of plants. 
If my house- heart is the interior design, then my house-soul is the landscaping... the design, planting and tending to the yard.  Even after all we had done to the house during the renovation, it wasn't until just last Fall when we started on the landscape design that the farmhouse truly felt like "ours."  I am sooo very grateful and lucky that Dan feels the same way.  I certainly couldn't do this without him (or Big Blue, the tractor!)  He loves working in the yard.  And, when I say "working," I mean blood, sweat, more sweat kind of working in the yard.  Lately I haven't been on my game and a couple of plant holes have had to be moved; meaning dug twice, and he hasn't uttered a complaint or a frustrated sigh-  and one hole was for a 7 foot diameter daisy transplanted from the back porch area.... sweet husband:)  New Hampshire is the granite state, so each small hole dug involves removing 3-4 large rocks (rocks that need a pick ax to budge!)

Unlike in Dallas where every inch of our property was landscaped, the majority of our property here (we are on a little more than four acres) will remain in its natural state.  We have landscaped around the house, softening the hardscape by planting the front bedthe living room bed and the courtyard.  The cutting/herb garden (off the back of the house between the barn terrace and the back porch)  has been designed and is awaiting installment;)  Right now I'm working on the bed for the new stone wall that was added as you start up the driveway. 



The huge daisies plants (there are four plants which each measure 6- 7 feet in diameter ;  fingers crossed they take the transplant- so far, so good:) give the large bed instant age.  I'm then adding old-fashioned plantings that I've observed at antique houses in the area..... Annabelle hydrangeas, ferns, hostas, peonies, hyssop, day lilies, rhododendrons, Shasta daisies, lambs ear and lavender. 

I'm needing some smaller (12-14 inches) pink perennials.... if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.  I would also love to hear the plants that you think of when you think of an "old garden," perhaps your grandmother's garden or an aunts.   I'm far from finished and I would love to have a list of favorites to work from! 
Thank you!! 

This is one of the four nurseries that I went to yesterday and today!   At this location I bought huge bustin'-out-of-their-one-gallon-pots hostas for $10!

The charming pay shed.... notice the sign on the door-

this sign!! 
Open 24 hours and on the honor system!!
Have I mentioned lately how much I love living here?!!

so....... what time shall I expect you to be here to help with the planting?!!!