the very best part of the photoshoot...

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Thank you so much to those of you who left us comments and sent emails about the Renovation Style photoshoot!  I do not know yet which issue the feature will appear in, but I promise the second I know, you will know!

While I loved everything about the photoshoot, my very favorite part of the whole experience was having these professional photographs of Ella taken by the assistant photographer, David McCaughan.

These photographs are a gift that we will cherish forever.
David did a wonderful job of capturing Ella's soul. 
Ironically, the photos were taken almost six years to the day that we adopted Ella (she was a little over a year old at the time) from the SPCA in Dallas (I am forever grateful to the person who found her and brought her to the pound so that we could find each other.)  It was on this very rug that I took the first photograph of her that day... how time flies.
She is seven years old...  and she is my heart.