Renovation Style Magazine!

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I am thrilled to share with you our exciting news
the farmhouse is going to be featured in Renovation Style magazine!!!  

We are truly honored and very excited!  We are scurrying around here like mad trying to get last minute projects done around the house before the photoshoot that will take place in ten days!!  :O

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for reading the blog and to tell you how much your presence here at the farmhouse means to us.  Dan and I are both so very grateful for all the house-love you give to us by visiting, and especially by leaving comments for us.
Your interest and support means more to us than you will ever know.
I can not imagine having this experience without you.....
Thank you!!!

I will be forever grateful to the fabulous Joni Webb of Cote de Texas for sharing my house with Bonnie Broten, Regional Editor for Meredith Corporation/ Renovation Style magazine.   And, thank you to the delightful Bonnie for holding my hand the past several months throughout this process.

 I would also like to thank my friend, Brooke Giannetti of Velvet and Linen for introducing my blog to the world two and a half years ago.  I almost said "no, thank you!!" 
What a gift Brooke gave to me by putting my blog out there, and what a great loss that would have been to Dan and me if I had decided to stay private.  I had only just begun blogging when Brooke and I struck up a friendship.  I started my blog to keep friends and family updated on our house renovation, so when Brooke asked if she could do a post on the farmhouse I literally had to think about it for a full day!!   (can you even imagine?!)    Blogging was new to me at that time and being a very private person in real life  (shocking, I know, since I now let the world look in my pantry and closet;)  it felt awkward to let "strangers" see in. 
In the past two and a half years, I have learned that we are not "strangers" at all. 
The ties that bind....  this love that we both have of houses,
gives us a connection we sometimes don't even have with our own family or friends. 
It is a very sacred bond that you and I share, this desire to make a house a home
Thank you for being on our journey with us, we are truly honored you are here.

I am so excited and look forward to sharing the photo shoot with you!   Photography has changed so in the past couple of years.  In the days of old they would shoot with "film", so would have to take tons of shots of a space and hope that when they got back to the studio and developed the photos they had what they were looking for.  Now, with digital photography they know immediately when they have their shot!  Another thing that I am really excited about is that Renovation Style magazine only shoots in natural light- they do not use stand/stage lighting.
Jorge Arango will be the Stylist on the shoot, and Michael Partenio will be the photographer.
Did I mention I was excited?!!! 

I have subscribed to Renovation Style for many years.  I've always loved how they do such an extensive spread on the houses they feature- you feel like you really get to "see" the whole house .
Renovation Style magazine is a Special Interest publication by Meredith Corporation which also publishes Traditional Home, Better Homes and Gardens, and many more! 
Click Renovation Style if you would like to subscribe!