a lovely surprise...

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This morning as we set out on our walk I found this sight..... a plastic bag attached to the mailbox.


I hadn't a clue what in the world was in the bag or who would have left it.
I walked up slowly, a little apprehensive, and
this is what I found inside!!!!!
CONKS!!!!!!!!  A bag full of conks!

I knew instantly who it was from....a gift from our painter/handyman, Seth,  who knows that I collect conks, aka tree fungus!!!
Isn't that just the nicest thing?!  I think they are absolutely beautiful!

 I don't think I would have been more delighted if it were a bag of diamonds..... (well, okay maybe if it were diamonds;), but you get the point of what a kind, thoughtful gift it was!!

Hope you're having a lovely Sunday too!