I see the light!

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Finding a pair of small, vintage chandeliers isn't easy let me tell you! I've been looking for a pair, one for each of the guest bedrooms, for a while now. Currently this is what you see in both bedrooms! Lovely, yes?! Both bedrooms are rather small, so I wanted the continuity of having the same vintage fixture in each bedroom.

I found this pair of small (20 inch diameter) vintage chandeliers several months ago. I passed on them then because I didn't want to spend the money, but several weeks ago I went into the shop and they were marked down $100 each from the original price! All the sudden I saw them in a new "light"!

I realize that at first glance these chandeliers looks a bit over-the-top for small bedrooms in an antique farmhouse, but I plan on taking off all of the drop-crystals and crystal ropes and making them very simple, classic crystal-armed chandeliers. In this photo you can see how I've started to remove the crystals from the one on the left, showing the clean lines of the fixture. I wanted fixtures that would be a nice detail without making a big statement. I've been smitten with glass-armed chandeliers for a while now, so I think they will be perfect in each bedroom.

I first brought one chandelier home on approval, and even though they're small they are really heavy, so imagine Dan holding one up over a bed, and me asking him if he could also please "lift the crystal ropes," so I could get an idea of what they would look like! It ain't easy being Dan!! Dan's next project is to clean and wire and hang them!

I will then add real-wax candle sleeves from this wonderful company, Lumiere Candles. They have a wonderful product, great prices (I was paying double to triple this in Dallas for a mediocre product, and their charge to custom-cut is nominal), and their customer service is the best. I highly recommend this company. Ask for Paul!