it was a lovely day...

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It was a gorgeous sunny day, which was nice after all the rain we've been having. The high was in the upper 70's, but it was very dry so it felt much cooler. We went to breakfast at our favorite little country diner. Then we went to a favorite antique haunt and found this huge antique iron lantern! It was $28, a ridiculous price, and then the dealer was having a 30% off sale!! In the end it was $19.60!! Ridiculous I tell ya! It needs major cleaning (as you can tell from the photo), and some repairs, but hey it was $19.60 (oh, and no tax- New Hampshire doesn't have a sales tax!) To put it into perspective, it's 28 1/12" tall.

Then, the favorite part of the day... we had our very first guests to the house! Now you know these were special people as I let them see the house in the current "under construction" state.
Dick and Marilyn are two Texans that we met a week ago while having lunch in a neighboring town. I overheard them telling the waitress that they had just flown in from Texas where it was in the 100's! So, of course, I went up to talk to them, they invited us to join them and then we talked for probably an hour. They actually own a vacation house in another neighboring town! Today they came over to see the house, and we talked for probably another four hours- and could have easily gone on for many more! They were the PERFECT first guests to have! We can't wait to see them on their next visit!

It was a very lovely day indeed!

Hope your day was lovely too!