the new Master Closet!

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The master closet has been a huge surprise! When we bought the house the plan was to move the master bath to the existing ell and somehow add a small closet in the same space. The ceiling was low, not even 7 1/2 ', and we decided it would be 'cozy!' Then, the ell was taken down (you can read about it here) and in the rebuilding: the ceiling soared to 9 1/2'; a bump-out (7' x 7') was added to house the WC and a stacking washer and dryer (on the first floor this space is the kitchen mudroom); and the decision to move the new master closet into the adjacent upper level of the barn was made. And thus, a master suite was borne! The whole suite: bedroom, bath and closet measures over 950 square feet, the size of our first apartment! Again... the closet was a surprise! A very pleasant surprise!

The master suite takes up the whole east side of the second floor. The closet is down the hall from the master bath. The closet door was originally an exterior door from the old master bedroom to the upstairs porch. On a whim I had it placed as the closet door, and it was perfect! It has fabulous antique wavy glass and original iron hardware. I painted it a pop of color! It's this delicious orange-pink coral that I love, which just happens to be the same coral color in the marble top on the chest of drawers! (It's Benjamin Moore's Coral Spice #2170-40 in Semi-Gloss.) The antique rug has the same splash of coral in it, and look how perfectly it fit in the hallway- it was meant to be!

This chair was in our old master bedroom. I quickly realized it probably wouldn't find a home in the farmhouse.... that is, until I realized how perfect it would be in this corner of the closet! It's a great place to put on your shoes, or just sit and talk to the other person while they are getting ready. The silk pillow has the same coral in it. I walked the small antique footstool into the closet and I swear the background of the fabric suddenly had coral in it- it was never there before! The vintage watercolor of an antique ginger jar filled with tulips was purchased at an estate sale years ago in Dallas. The fabulous early iron floor lamp with mica shade is a recent purchase.

Floor covering is a boucle sisal; it's so much prettier than the photos show. I love a boucle weave and think it feels great underfoot.

Two Ikea chests back to back topped with a piece of Breccia Oniciata marble. Ikea chandelier! We have a stacking washer and dryer just down the hall in the master bath, so this is my 'folding table!' I have literally lived out of zip-locks in my suitcase for a year and four months... it is so nice to have drawers again!

Dan's side!

Door (which was in the original ell) leads to a U-shaped storage closet that wraps around the master closet. Built-in ironing board to the left of the door.

My side with closet door in view. There are two windows in the closet which open awning-style (from the bottom out.)

View from North window.

View from South window.

Here are some photos showing how the master closet came to be! In this first photo you can see the framing for the master shower on the left; the cut-out in the barn roof in the center of the photo is now the hallway/entrance into the closet (see first photo of this post!)

Here our framers are laying the boards for the closet floor.

The framed door opening on the left is door leading to the storage closet.
Another view of storage closet door. The three barn windows you see in this photo will eventually be a "loft" room accessible from the barn room level. The barn room/great room is the space below the master closet and storage closet. The barn is "Phase II" of this project!

Beyond the framing in this photo you can see the space we will use as a storage area- it is under the eave of the barn roof, and wraps around three sides of the closet.

Sheetrock walls going in.

This photo shows the closet door in it's original exterior green paint, and the cut outs for the new windows.